Often our selection and interview processes aren't as inclusive as we would like to think. Here are ways to help candidates feel welcome and show their full potential, ensuring you make the best, fairest and most accurate decision for both parties.


How To Address Bias In The Recruiting Process

By Natalia Sans, Forbes | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Let’s talk about how to address the two types of bias that can significantly impact your organisation’s diversity recruitment initiatives: unconscious bias and conscious bias.

7 Must-Dos for Inclusive Interviews

By Fiona Young, Hive Learning | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Simple tweaks to your interview process can really elevate the probability of hiring more diverse candidates. Asking the same questions in the same order and comparing candidates horizontally are just a few ways you can be more inclusive.

Inclusive Interviewing Best Practices

By Rebecca Long | 6 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Applying inclusive principles to hiring might have you thinking this only applies to recruiting and supporting diverse candidates. And while it’s true that this will help with recruiting and hiring more diverse folks, these practices actually help everyone.

Five Proven Ways To Attract and Hire More Diverse Talent

By Mikaela Kiner, Tech Crunch | 7 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Even as early as the resume review, bias causes recruiters and hiring managers to favour resumes of candidates who are in the majority.

The True Cost of a Bad Hire

By Brandon Hall Group and Glassdoor
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
How can companies become smarter about their hiring decisions? How can companies mitigate the cost of a bad hire? This report will help organisations understand what is behind bad hiring decisions and key recommendations to mitigate these costs.

How To Conduct a Competency-Based Interview

By Toby Douglas-Bate, Juggle Jobs | 2 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
All the preparation you need to complete and questions that need covering.

Should We Hire for Personality? Introverts, Extroverts, and Affinity Bias

By Kristina Gattozzi, TalVista | 3 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
We know that preferences or biases lead to discrimination based on an individual’s gender, race, ability, age, orientation, or creed. But what about their personality? This article explores affinity bias - how we tend to show a preference for others like us or familiar to us.

How to Check your Bias When Interviewing Introverts

By Rachel Murray, She Geeks Out | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
In a world that places a high value on extroversion, connecting with, hiring, and supporting introverts can be just the thing to round out your team’s skill set and bring your team’s and company’s success.


Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Unbiasify is an open source Chrome extension that hides names and profile photos on social networks so you can focus on what actually matters when recruiting.

Race & Ethnicity

Black Lives Matter! Time Employers Update Their Interview Questions

By Robin Ryan, Forbes | 7 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Saying that you hire people and do not discriminate is not the same as having a formal plan that asks how well people play in your diverse employee sandbox.

Returners & Retrainers

Creating a Digital Talent Pipeline

By Rajeev Ranjan, Ramesh Amancharla, Thirumala Arohi & Nikki Seifert, Infosys | 11 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Reskilling is gaining traction as an important talent strategy, not only to close skills gaps but also to improve recruitment, retention, and diversity. With a structured, systematic approach, organisations can incrementally reskill their workforce and become more agile in the process.