Research by Glassdoor shows that organisations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%. However, research by Gallup found that 88% of employees don't believe their organisations do a great job of onboarding. Here are tips to help you develop a more efficient onboarding process.

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What Is Preboarding and How Does It Work?

By Hayley Biggs, Ocasta | 7 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
If you want less first day no-shows and confident staff who are ready to start working without hesitation, then preboarding is the right solution for you.

6 Ways To Give a New Employee a Great Induction

By Sarah Benstead, Breathe HR | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Hiring the right staff can be a bit of headache, but once you get the perfect people on board it can be all too easy to sit back, put your feet up and congratulate yourself on a job well done. But really, it’s just the beginning of your journey with your new employees, and if you want it to be a positive one you'll need to start out on the right foot.

85 Questions You Should Ask New Hires on Their First Day of Work

By Hayley Biggs, Ocasta | 7 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
When a new employee comes into your business they have a fresh pair of eyes and a different perspective on things. Asking the right questions on their first day of work can help you improve your own processes and make their experience a little more welcoming.

Virtual Onboarding Tips and Best Practice

By Ryan Inglethorpe, Psycruit | 6 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Most new employees decide whether they feel at home in a new job during the first three weeks of employment. Is your onboarding process engaging enough to keep your new hires feeling comfortable when starting their new role?

Top Tips for Onboarding New Staff Remotely

By Page Personnel | 7 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
The unprecedented global health crisis is already having far-reaching implications across the recruitment process – and one of these key areas is onboarding new staff. Clearly, this is a challenging scenario for both sides but also a situation that we can help you navigate. Here are five clear steps to onboarding a new employee remotely.

Implementing a Buddy System in the Workplace

By Rachael Down, Breathe HR | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Finding your work bestie can be the difference between an average job and a great job. Friends matter. And statistics prove it – a close connection at work makes staff 50% happier.

Remote Onboarding: What happens next?

By Matthew Sullivan, Proco Global | 3 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
There are challenges regarding virtual interviewing but arguably the greater challenge is what happens after an offer has been accepted. We have been working with candidates and clients on the most effective ways to remotely onboard candidates.

10 Employee Onboarding Statistics you Must Know in 2021

By Jen Dewar, Sapling | 6 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Most innovative companies understand that building an effective onboarding program is an iterative and ongoing process. Whether you’re just starting out with your programme, or you’re a seasoned veteran, check out these 10 employee onboarding statistics you must know in 2021.