Want your business to be a place where everyone feels safe and valued? These articles, resources and initiatives are designed to help you support your colleagues and instil a genuine sense of belonging. Resources in the unlocked toolkit cover: age, disability, class, gender, mental health, orientation, parenting, race, religion, and more.


Belonging Vs Fitting In at Workplace

By Pallavi Shrivastava | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
In our workplace, we obsess over and talk a lot about creating a community where we feel we belong. But if we want belonging so deeply, we have to create an environment that is exact opposite of which promotes fitting in.

Diversity and Inclusion: 8 Best Practices for Changing Your Culture

By Sharon Florentine, CIO | 11 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
The tech industry still struggles with diversity and inclusion, often failing to attract diverse talent due to inclusivity issues in the workplace. For organisations looking to shape up their diversity and inclusion programmes and policies, here's how to launch a D&I initiative that works.

Top 10 Ways Employers Can Demonstrate Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

By Diversity In Tech | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Communicating to employees, clients, competitors, and potential candidates the steps your organisation is taking to encourage equality and inclusivity is a proactive way to contribute to making the tech industry more diverse and less exclusive, as it has been for so long.

5 Diversity Issues Tech Employers Need Strategies For

By Diversity In Tech | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
A list of 5 key diversity issues that tech employers need strategies in place for if they want to value diversity in their workplace.

Steps To Start and Run an Employee Network

Submitted by Diverse Sussex
This factsheet provides advice and guidance to support the establishment of an Employee Network. Although the guidance covers all the protected characteristics within the Equality Act, it has a has a particular focus on race and ethnicity.

How (and Why) to Create a Career Progression Plan for Your Employees

By Kat Boogaard, Go Skills | 8 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Creating a career progression plan doesn’t need to be an overwhelming undertaking - in fact, it can be a positive (and even fun!) process to go through with your employees. And, the benefits are well worth it.

7 Ways to Support Employee Career Advancement

By Robert Half | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Talented professionals want to work for a company that will help them to build skills and knowledge and further their career. To show your workers that they have both company and manager support in their desire to grow professionally and pursue career advancement, consider applying the following strategies.

8 Ways to Collect Employee Feedback

By Sapling | 6 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
If you want to know how to improve the employee experience and keep people from jumping ship, who can provide better guidance than your own employees? Here are eight ways to collect employee feedback, so you know what it will take to improve your employee experience and boost retention.

10 Employee Feedback Examples and How to Use Them

By Kellie Wong, Achievers | 11 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
For many of us, “employee feedback” sparks memories of uncomfortable annual conversations with unapproachable managers. Let’s take a look at why employee feedback matters, some real-life employee feedback examples, and how managers can respond and take action to build a culture of listening.

What Did You Just Say? Microaggressions and How To Deal With Them

By Watch This Sp_ce | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Microaggressions are often the reason people leave companies and can be why your organisation develops a reputation for discriminatory behaviour.

Handling a Bullying, Harassment or Discrimination Complaint at Work

By Acas
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
This guide covers how to approach a complaint, dealing with a complaint informally and formally, when harassment at work could be a crime, and what to do after you've dealt with a complaint.

Employee Experiences of Non-Inclusive Behaviours at Work

Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Understand the spread and impact of employee experiences of non-inclusive behaviours at work. Outlines the key results and shares advice and guidance on the actions employers can take for immediate positive impact.

Accessibility & Inclusion Programmes: Support for Employers and Employees

By Diverse Sussex
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Programmes and support that you can access to make your workplace more inclusive and accessible for current and future employees.

How Employers Only Reward Clones

By Watch This Sp_ce | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Have you been sending emails about football coming home? Did you give staff a day off on Monday? Did you ask first if everyone was really watching the football, or are you inadvertently building a team of clones?

How To Build a More Inclusive Organisation

By Sheree Atcheson, LeadDev | 45 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
In this video, Sheree Atcheson focuses on how to approach the lack of diversity in the tech industry, sharing actionable strategies to combat underrepresentation and implement the changes that will benefit your team and company.

Retention Report 2020

By ISL Recruitment
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
This report brings to the surface how people working in the UK’s tech scale ups – and indeed those organisations themselves – feel about their jobs. What makes them stay, leave, and want to escape.

The Culture Economy Report 2020

By Breathe HR
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Research examining peoples' attitudes to company culture and how this affects their productivity, performance and wellbeing.

Employee Turnover and Retention

Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Learn how to measure turnover and retention, and understand why people leave organisations.

Rebel Talent

By Harvard Business Review
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
If you want engaged employees, let them break rules and be themselves. We’ll show you how.

What Are the Benefits of Diversity Training?

By Watch This Sp_ce | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Why should you bother with diversity training? After all, you’ve got enough to be getting on with, right? Well the benefits of this kind of development for yourself and your staff could be far wider reaching than you realise.

D&I in the Workplace: Designing Inclusive Employee Benefits

By Reframe
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
If you are creating or reviewing your benefits scheme, ask yourself if it reflects your entire workforce. Consider your workforce in terms of gender, race, nationality and sexual orientation.


By Women's Business Council
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
People who have found a way to work which is right for them, and their employer. #100WaysToWorkFlexibly is about showcasing the myriad of flexible, dynamic and agile working patterns that can help make balance possible.

Creating a Flexible Working Policy

By Romanie Thomas, Juggle Jobs | 3 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Very few organisations who actually practice flexible working or have a flexible working culture have a set policy. This is a mistake. Having a clear but simple policy will allow a level footing.

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work

By Zapier
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Zapier is a 100% distributed company with over 300 remote employees in 17 time zones and 28 countries. Whether you work remotely all the time or you've been thrust into it recently, they have tips that will help you thrive.


The Mid-Life MOT: Helping Employees Navigate Mid-Life

Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Practical support for senior and human resources managers to retain more of your ageing workforce through offering staff a mid-life MOT. This is an important tool that can drive retention rates for older workers and promote a more age-inclusive approach.


Having a Disability in Tech

By Diversity In Tech | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
When you have employees with disabilities or are hiring people with disabilities, you need to make reasonable adjustments to support their needs. Here are some insights and tips.

Creating Inclusive Workplaces

By Raphaele von Koettlitz, Diversity and Ability | 13 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
How do you create inclusion that truly embraces neurodiversity and helps to build workplaces that enable everyone to thrive and reach their potential? D&A shares some simple ways you can make that culture change.

Disability in Leadership Toolkit

By Inclusive Boards
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Recommendations for organisations to improve the representation of disabled people on their senior teams in an efficiently modern manner, enabling organisations who may not have the network or knowledge to employ and support people with disabilities.

Benefits of Disclosing Neurodiversity in the Workplace

By Ellie Thompson, Diversity and Ability | 3 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
For many neurodiverse workers, it’s difficult to know whether sharing details of your neurodiversity will be a blessing or a curse. Ellie from Diversity and Ability shares her thoughts and experiences of navigating employment as a neurodiverse person, and why she would encourage you to disclose your neurodiversity or disability in your workplace.

Disability Confident – A Practical Guide for Line Managers

By Disability Confident Scheme & CIPD
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
An in-depth guide on recruiting, managing and developing people with a disability or health condition.

Making Your Workplace More Autistic-Friendly

By Mental Health At Work | 6 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Kelly and Hester Grainger, Co-Founders of Perfectly Autistic, share some ideas that can help make work environments better for autistic people.


Five Ways Employers Can Champion Gender Equality Right Now

By Charlotte Woodworth, BITC | 7 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Insight on being flexible, listening with empathy and the utilisation of the Government’s Job Retention Scheme to support women and protect gender equality.

Sexual Harassment

By Acas
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Employers must do all they reasonably can to protect staff from sexual harassment and take steps to prevent it happening.

How to Talk About Sexual Harassment with Your Coworkers

By Amy Gallo, Harvard Business Review
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Sexual harassment can be difficult to talk about — but it’s bound to come up in your workplace (if it hasn’t already). In this piece, several experts offer practical tips for handling these delicate conversations.

Guardians & Carers

Why You Must Support Parents Returning to Work

By Victoria Brocklesby, Minute Hack | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Employers have a lot to gain by offering a greater level of support to parents. By shifting company culture to be more understanding and flexible towards the needs of parents, UK businesses can expect to build a more loyal workforce and attract and retain the very best talent.

How Companies of All Sizes Can Support Working Parents

By LifeWorks | 3 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
While big-name companies like Google and Facebook offer impressive parental benefits, smaller employers are still trying to find benefits that best fit their budget and company needs. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a global tech company to make working parents feel understood and valued.

Managing Pregnancy and Maternity in the Workplace

By The Equality and Human Rights Commission
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Understand your responsibilities if your employee is expecting a baby. These resources will ensure good communication happens during pregnancy, maternity and on an employee’s return to work.

Maternity Action A-Z Advice

By Maternity Action
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Authoritative guidance to help you understand and support maternity and parental rights in the workplace.


10 Ways to Support LGBT Employees

By Glassdoor | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Fear of homophobia, exclusion, being passed over for promotions and job interviews are still very real for many LGBT people. What can businesses do to demolish career barriers, reduce workplace discrimination, and better support employees who identify as LGBT in the workplace?

10 Ways To Step Up as an Ally to Non-Binary People

By Stonewall | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Do you know what it means to be non-binary? And do you know how you can better support non-binary people? Here are some ideas!

Creating a Trans-Inclusive Workplace

By Christian N. Thoroughgood, Katina B. Sawyer & Jennica R. Webster, Harvard Business Review | 18 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Despite growing public awareness of the struggles that trans individuals often face, many employers remain ill-equipped to create policies and workplace cultures that support their trans employees.

How Best Employers Support Their Trans Staff

By Proud Employers | 3 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
How the best employers are supporting their trans staff, with advice for your own organisation.

Mental Health

How To Support Mental Health at Work

By Mental Health Foundation | 24 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
After reading this guide you should have an idea of how to manage your own mental health at work, how to reach out to a colleague in distress, and how you can work with others to make your workplace more mentally healthy for everyone.

70 Questions To Ask Employees About Their Mental Health

By Hayley Biggs, Ocasta | 7 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Mental health should never be overlooked and you should regularly check in with your employees. But how do you check in with them and what are the right questions to ask?

Mental Health and Race at Work

By City Mental Health Alliance
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
People who are Black or from a Minority Ethnic background face particular challenges, both inside and outside of work, which may contribute to their poor mental health. The CMHA has created resources so that more businesses can build mentally healthy, diverse and inclusive workplaces for all of their people.

What If Your Job Was Good For You?

Submitted by Diverse Sussex
This report sets out how business leaders can create an environment in which employees feel supported to do their best work. It also outlines how to achieve good jobs for all, that drive sustainable positive mental health outcomes.

Race & Ethnicity

Anti-Racism and Allyship in the Workplace: A Brief Guide

Submitted by Diverse Sussex
This Anti-racism and allyship in the workplace toolkit outlines the steps individuals in the workplace can take to become an effective ally.

Six Ways To Embed Anti-Racism In Your Tech Company

By Sheree Atcheson, Forbes | 8 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
We cannot say we care about inclusion and diversity without shining a spotlight on our own personal actions and actively breaking down the processes which may benefit us, but disadvantage others. Here are six ways to embed anti-racism into your tech company.

Speaking Up Against Racism at Work

By Diversity In Tech | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Being subject to racist comments or behaviour should never be considered just another day at the office, but for some people, it’s part of their daily experience at work. If you witness racism at your place of work, here are some constructive ways to speak up against it and advocate anti-racism.


Managing Religion and Belief in the Workplace

By James Tait, People Management | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Many employers face allegations of indirect discrimination that can arise from seemingly harmless requirements. There are several easy steps you can take to lessen the risk of discriminating against your staff.

Religion or Belief: How Do I Handle Employee Requests?

By Equality and Human Rights Commission
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Employees may come to you with requests to change their working conditions because of their religion or belief, or lack of a religion or belief. Work through this decision-making tool for handling requests from your employees.

Religion in the Workplace – Tips on Being an Inclusive Employer

By Justine Crabtree, Howarths | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Being a genuinely inclusive employer will benefit an organisation’s brand and ability to recruit the best qualified people. Consider the following top tips to ensure your workplace is inclusive and free from discrimination.

Religion or Belief: Frequently Asked Questions

By Equality and Human Rights Commission
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
We answer the main questions employers ask on religion and belief in the workplace.


Cross-Industry Toolkit: Progression

By Social Mobility Commission
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Social mobility is not just about who gets in, it’s also about who gets on. Have a defined list of skills required for each promotion – and build flexibility into job specifications.