These articles and resources hope to help you better understand the issues and challenges underrepresented groups face, and how you may be contributing to them (even unknowingly). Confronting any imbalances within your business with positive change will lead to increased success and growth, not only for your organisation and colleagues, but for society as a whole. Resources in the unlocked toolkit cover: disability, class, gender, mental health, orientation, parenting, race, religion, and more.


Five D&I Questions to Consider in 2020

By Suzanne McGovern, Splunk | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Whether you’re implementing a diversity and inclusion programme for the first time, developing your culture, or enhancing your own personal growth, remember that small steps can turn into big and meaningful journeys.

Why All Your Inclusion Efforts Fail

By Abadesi Osunsade, Hustle Crew | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
There’s a reason why folks say “actions speak louder than words” and in this short post, we address the common pitfalls most companies continue to make to sabotage their own diversity and inclusion efforts.

Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter

By David Rock & Heidi Grant, Harvard Business Review | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Enriching your employee pool with representatives of different genders, races, and nationalities is key for boosting your company’s joint intellectual potential.

Inclusive Tech Alliance Report

By Inclusive Tech Alliance
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Ground breaking report highlighting the current lack of diversity within senior leadership in the tech sector.

Inclusive Language Guide

Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Words, expressions or assumptions to avoid that would stereotype, demean or exclude people.

Why Tech Can’t Close the Diversity Gap

By David Howell, ITpro | 7 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Despite an appetite for change, inequality in the tech sector persists. Why is there little practical action taken?

Diversity in Tech

By Jenny Woods, We Are Adam | 9 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
A shortage of highly skilled employees is the number one challenge for UK digital tech businesses. Are technology businesses missing a trick by failing to recruit from the widest pool of applicants? Or is the reality more complex than this?

How To Identify and Avoid Unconscious Bias

By Amy Hutson, Diversity and Ability | 16 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Explores the effect of unconscious biases on the workplace, and how you can steer away from them and towards diversity.

The UK Tech Workplace Equality Report

By Hired | 17 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
As UK tech strives for enhanced diversity, Hired's report reveals there’s a lot more work to do.

The Balance of Being Underrepresented, Yet Privileged

By Sheree Atcheson, TEDx | 8 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
We often talk about underrepresentation, and privilege, without the awareness that these things can work in tandem - in one person. This talk delves into how privilege evolves throughout your life and how you can use this new found privilege for the betterment of others around you.

Mind the Gap: The UK’s Technology Skills Landscape

By Hired | 11 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
This report brings the issue of the skills gap to the fore and highlights the need for a new and innovative approach in the UK to growing our skills base.

New Deloitte Research Identifies Keys to Creating Fair and Inclusive Organisations

By Cision/Deloitte | 6 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Inclusive companies are twice as likely to exceed financial targets, and six times more likely to be innovative.

The Tech Companies Pioneering in Diversity and Inclusion

By Letitiah Obiri, Black Tech Fest | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Discover how companies are implementing successful diversity and inclusion programmes and find inspiration to launch your own workplace initiatives.

How and Where Diversity Drives Financial Performance

By Rocio Lorenzo & Martin Reeves, Harvard Business Review | 6 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Does diversity really drive performance? To assess this claim, the Boston Consulting Group surveyed more than 1,700 companies across eight countries to examine the relationship between managerial diversity, the presence of enabling conditions, and innovation outcomes.

How Diverse Leadership Teams Boost Innovation

By Rocío Lorenzo, Nicole Voigt, Miki Tsusaka, Matt Krentz & Katie Abouzahr, Boston Consulting Group | 7 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
There’s no shortage of advice about how companies can become more innovative. The catch is that most of that advice is based on anecdotal evidence. But there’s one step companies can take that does have some data behind it.

So You Want To Innovate? Here’s What You Need To Know

By Watch This Sp_ce | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
To innovate, companies need new ideas and creative thinking to generate new products, services and ways of working. So it stand to reason that you need a wide range of people, perspectives and opinions to make that happen.

The Impact of Lacking Diversity on Businesses

By Gemma McCall, ITProPortal | 8 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
There is a wealth of evidence to show that diverse workforces are much more successful, have happier employees, build better products and services, and are more profitable. Yet for tech companies to flourish, diversity and inclusion needs to be a board level issue.

Global 2021 Millennial and Gen Z Survey

By Deloitte
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
After a year of intense uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, political instability, racial discord, and severe climate events, millennials and Gen Zs around the world are determined to hold themselves and others accountable on society’s most pressing issues.

Improving Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Your Workplace

By Acas
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
How employers can check equality, diversity and inclusion in their workplace and what they can do if it's not working successfully.

Equality Act 2010: Guidance for Employers

By Equality and Human Rights Commission
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Guidance for employers about their responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010.

Eight Ways To Understand Your Organisation’s Gender Pay Gap

By Government Equalities Office
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
A guide to help you identify different potential causes of your business’s gender pay gap.

Supporting Black People in the UK Tech Sector

By Rajeev Ranjan, Ramesh Amancharla, Thirumala Arohi & Nikki Seifert, Infosys | 11mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Reskilling is gaining traction as an important talent strategy, not only to close skills gaps but also to improve recruitment, retention, and diversity. With a structured, systematic approach, organisations can incrementally reskill their workforce and become more agile in the process.

What’s the Difference Between Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity?

By Meg Bolger, General Assembly | 11mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
The often-used terms diversity, equity, and inclusion have distinct meanings. Here’s why that matters, and how they work together.


Thinking Differently About Neurodiversity

By Acas | 24 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Most workplaces include people who think differently and who might be part of a neurominority. This podcast looks at what neurodiversity is, why we need to pay attention to it, and creating workplaces that celebrates and capitalises on neurodiversity.

Now Is the Time To Enable Greater Disability Inclusivity in the Tech Sector

By Inclusive Boards | 3 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
The technology sector has the scope and resources to make meaningful change by improving disability diversity practices in the workplace and employing more disabled people, contributing to a more inclusive society overall.

The Tech Industry Is Failing People With Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses

By Rachel Thomas | 12 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Even if you don’t realise it, you are interacting with chronically ill and disabled people regularly. This article addresses some misconceptions about disability, and offers advice on how to improve, both in interpersonal interactions and in our work cultures.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

By Acas
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Neurodiversity is a relatively new term that many people may not yet know much about. However, learning more about neurodiversity and taking steps to better support it in workplaces can be hugely beneficial for employers and employees.


Are We Really Closing The Gender Gap In Tech?

By Pamela Maynard, Forbes | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
In a recent study, only 21% of women said they believed the technology industry was a place they could thrive; sadly, that number falls precipitously to 8% for women of colour. We have a lot more work to do not only to attract but keep talented female professionals. Here are three areas where we can focus our efforts.

Tech Workforce 2020: The Age and Gender Perception Gap

By ISACA & She Leads Tech
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
ISACA surveyed more than 3,500 tech professionals to see what motivates them, what influences them to stay at a job or move on, and whether age and gender impact those responses.

Sexual Harassment Still Rife in UK Workplaces

By Jo Gallacher, HR Magazine | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Institutional sexism, patterns of abuse and an imbalance of power are still rife in the UK’s workplaces leaving women at risk, according to a damning new report from charity Rights of Women.

The State of Women in Tech and Startups

By Women Who Tech
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
A survey of 1,003 tech employees, founders and investors across the globe on their experiences in the tech sector, identifying what barriers and challenges people face and whether the systemic sexism and racism that respondents experience has shifted.

Gender Diversity Across the UK’s High-Growth Ecosystem

By Beauhurst
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Key trends amongst, and disparities between, all-female, mixed-gender and all-male founding teams; from the funding they’ve received to the key support systems they’ve leveraged.

Eight Ways To Understand Your Organisation’s Gender Pay Gap

By Government Equalities Office
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
A guide to help you identify different potential causes of your business’s gender pay gap.

Guardians & Carers

Why You Should Be Supporting Working Parents and How You Can Do It

By Sodexo Engage | 12 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
It’s a common misconception that most employees are less engaged with their careers after they become parents. Whilst it’s a widely held view in today’s workplace, there’s one major factor which everyone should wise up to: It’s simply not true!

Why the Tech Industry Must Embrace Shared Parental Leave

By Laura Hutton, We Are Tech Women | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Introduced in April 2015, SPL aims to give parents more freedom in balancing work and family. If it is to truly address the gender pay gap, the tech industry needs to do more to encourage parents to take on a more equal share of child-caring duties.

Parents, Especially Mothers, Paying Heavy Price for Lockdown

By The Institute for Fiscal Studies | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Research from IFS and the UCL Institute of Education captures how families with two opposite-gender parents are sharing paid work and domestic responsibilities.

Weathering the Storm: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Working Parents

By Working Families
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
This report explores the issues still facing working parents during COVID-19, and simple ways UK employers could go further to support them to stay in work and help ensure they don’t lose out financially.


What It’s Like To Be an LGBT Female Leader in Tech

By SheCanCode | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Nicky Hoyland shares her experiences of being out in her workplace and industry, advice on creating a diverse work environment, and the importance of ensuring women are represented in tech.

Does the Tech Industry Welcome the LGBTQ+ Community?

By Sabina Weston, IT Pro | 7 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
From passive discrimination to active acceptance, the employment landscape for LGBTQ+ people in tech is still uncertain.

Most LGBT Employees Have Been Sexually Harassed at Work

By Rachel Muller-Heyndyk, HR Magazine | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Nearly seven in 10 (68%) LGBT workers have been sexually harassed at work, according to the TUC.

Mental Health

The UK Tech Sector is Teetering on the Brink of a Mental Health Crisis

By Tech Monitor | 7 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Companies failing to provide workplace flexibility – and properly resourced teams – are helping drive staff into a burgeoning mental health crisis, a survey of over 2,000 UK tech professionals has revealed, suggesting significant work needs to be done to improve working environments across the sector.

Workplace Diversity and Mental Health in Tech

By Diversity In Tech | 6 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Tech is a fast moving industry and for people who work in the sector it means there are increasing pressures to keep up with the pace of the demands of the digital age. Factors such as long working days, the gender pay gap, and lack of inclusion and diversity are all contributing factors to poor mental health in tech.

Why Is Mental Health in UK Tech Sector Deteriorating in Lockdown?

By HRD | 6 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
A pulse survey on the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on the mental health of technology workers.

Race & Ethnicity

Anti-Racism Guide

By Nova Reid
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
New to this? Not sure what to say? Don’t want to get it wrong? Want to do something, but don’t know where to start? Download your free anti-racism guide to get you started.

Minority Ethnic Britons Face ‘Shocking’ Job Discrimination

By Haroon Siddique, The Guardian | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Applicants from minority ethnic backgrounds have to send 80% more applications to get a positive response. Why is this?

How to Get More People of Colour to Join (and Stay) in Tech

By Jennifer Riggins, The New Stack | 10 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Advice and insight from some UK Black tech leaders in the hope that steps will be taken away from tokenisation and towards actionable change.

Supporting Black People in the UK Tech Sector

By Clare McDonald, ComputerWeekly | 17 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Ronda Zelezny-Green, global head of training and e-learning at the Internet Society, talks about supporting black people in the sector at a time where there has been a focus on racial awakening.

Tips on How Your Tech Startup Can Celebrate Black History Month

By Letitiah Obiri, Black Tech Fest | 3 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
If your tech startup is looking for practical ways to amplify black voices and pay homage to black history, check out these fantastic BHM campaigns and find inspiration to truly celebrate the month in style.

The Urgency of Intersectionality

By Kimberlé Crenshaw, TED Talks | 18 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
It's important to look boldly at the reality of race and gender bias -- and understand how the two can combine to create even more harm. If you're standing in the path of multiple forms of exclusion, you're likely to get hit by both.

This Is How Workplaces Can Be Better Environments for Black Employees

By Danielle Dash, Stylist Magazine | 8 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
If you, as a white person, are frustrated and angered by police brutality and you are passionate about reform, then you can start in your workplace.

I Got a Great Job Offer, But It’s in a Racist City

By Rebecca Stevens, People of Color in Tech | 7 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
It’s important to be aware that Black and Brown employees might have to deal with a lot more challenges that may or may not impact their well-being and productivity.


Religious Festivals, Holy Days and Observances

By Acas
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
In the UK there are a wide range of different religions that both employers and employees may need to have some understanding of and how they may occasionally affect the workplace.

Do They Know It’s Christmas?… Maybe They Don’t Care

By Watch This Sp_ce | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
To presume that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for everyone at your workplace is a way of disregarding diversity and difference. Find out what days are important to the people in your organisation.


Socio-Economic Diversity in the Tech Sector

By The Sutton Trust and Bridge Group | 3 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
While gender is still considered to be the primary diversity challenge in tech, latest Bridge Group research shows that the tech workforce is unrepresentative of the UK workforce with respect to socio-economic background.

Why Opening Up Access to the Creative Industries Matters

By Sofia Lewis, The Sutton Trust | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Exploring the barriers facing those from under-represented backgrounds when entering the creative industries and why it is vital to open up access.

Challenging Perspectives: Socioeconomic Background in the UK Tech Sector

By Inclusive Boards | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
The class ceiling within the tech sector is very real. The recruitment, culture, and communication of the tech sector should consider how socially inclusive and intersectional its ambitions are.