Finding it difficult to attract diversity to your business? Here are some tips and resources to help you reach underrepresented talent. Resources in the unlocked toolkit cover: age, disability, class, race, returners and retraining, and more.


How To Write Inclusive Job Adverts

By nthuse | 6 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
An inclusive workforce begins with the words you use in your job adverts. Far too often, job adverts form the first barrier to hire for many people. But what exactly does an inclusive job advert look like?

Why Tone of Voice Matters in Job Advertising

By nthuse | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
If your job advertising tone of voice is more ‘bland’ than ‘on-brand’, then you’re missing a vital opportunity to connect with candidates. Developing your unique recruitment marketing tone of voice will help you write better job adverts: ads that engage candidates and keep their attention.

Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified

By Tara Sophia Mohr, Harvard Business Review
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Author and expert on women's leadership, Tara Mohr surveyed over a thousand men and women and asked them, “If you decided not to apply for a job because you didn’t meet all the qualifications, why didn’t you apply?”. Here are her findings.

Three Top Tips For Inclusive Communication

By Watch This Sp_ce | 3 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
When you communicate in your work, how much thought do you give to how that information is received? The truth is that most of us fall into our regular habits, styles and methods without thinking about the effect it can have on the people we are communicating with.

Inclusive Recruitment Support

By Department for Work and Pensions | 15 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Guidance, case studies and information about how employers can attract, recruit and retain people from a variety of backgrounds to enhance your business.

Inclusive Succession Planning

Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Succession planning is your current and ‘emergency replacement’ talent pool. This toolkit has been developed to support employers who may not have this important process in place, or who need to review the process through the lens of ethnicity and diversity.

Equality and Diversity Policy Template & Guidance

By Liz Burton, High Speed Training | 7 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Every workplace should have an equality and diversity policy, and apply it to every aspect of employment. This guidance will make it much easier to understand where to begin when writing your company’s Equality and Diversity Policy, and how to develop and maintain this.

Factsheet: Diversity & Equality & The Recruitment Process

By Martin Searle Solicitors | 7 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Effective recruitment is the key to having the people with the right skills, expertise and qualifications in the right jobs. Diversity and equality of opportunity should be central to the process.

Eight Steps to Avoiding Discrimination While Recruiting Staff

By Laura Sands, Breathe HR | 7 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Recruiting new staff can be incredibly exciting. After all, it’s evidence that your business is growing. But what can you do to avoid discrimination while you are recruiting?

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy Template

By Acas
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Equality, diversity and inclusion policy template that you can adjust for your workplace. Free to download and use.

Websites, Programmes and Communities To Help You Reach Diverse Talent

By Diverse Sussex | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Are you hiring? Widen your pool of talent with these websites, programmes and online groups.


Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Textio is the world’s most powerful augmented writing platform that helps business communicate more inclusively in their hiring and employer brand materials.

Global Job Seeker Behaviour Report 18/19

By Madgex
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
As technology has become even more advanced in recent years, jobseeker behaviour has evolved. Understanding what they want, need and think, is key to providing the best experience for them on your job board.

The Death of the Cover Letter?

By Tracy Godding, Madgex | 3 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Face to face research with internal UK recruiters has shown that most employers just aren’t reading candidate cover letters. However, jobseekers are still submitting cover letters and tailoring them, as they are often requested. What does the future hold for cover letters?

Case Study: Creating a Tech Talent Pipeline at Capgemini

By Rachel Sharp, HR Magazine | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
How the tech-focused consultancy and services firm continues to bring in the best talent against the backdrop of a growing technology skills shortage in the UK.

Job Seekers Head to Their Bed To Apply for Jobs, Research Reveals

By Tracy Godding, Madgex | 2 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
A surprising 12% of job seekers apply for jobs from the comfort of their bed, according to new research from Madgex. The study also found 30% of job searches are carried out during the daily commute to work, although few people opt to apply for a job at this time.

Five Things To Remember When Recruiting Technology Talent

By James Milligan, Hays | 6 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
COVID-19 has driven demand for digital and technology talent globally in 2020. Here’s how businesses can stand out in a competitive market.

5 Ways to Attract Diverse Talent to Your Business

By Joanna Abeyie, Leo Learning | 7 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Diversity and inclusion expert (and 2019 MBE) Joanna Abeyie discusses five practical ways to attract diverse talent to your business.

The Journey of Recruitment

By Snook
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
We need diverse teams to create accessible services and products. Have a look at these inclusive recruitment resources to find out how you can start changing how you recruit.


Attracting and Retaining Gen Z Members to Your Association

By Sergio Garcia, Madgex | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Successfully attracting younger professionals to your association requires two things. First, identify techniques that will get you results. Second, dedicate resources into executing and scaling those techniques. We’ll show you easy, actionable steps you can take.

Inspiring the Next Generation

By Women's Business Council
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Engaging young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM): A guide for small businesses.

Age Diversity: How To Engage Different Age Groups in Your Workplace

By CV Library | 6 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
For a business to be successful, it needs to embrace age diversity in the workplace and take on staff of all ages. Here's a guide that outlines the importance of this and how to engage with a range of age groups.


Boost Disability Inclusion in Your Workplace

By Catia Neves, Diversity and Ability | 3 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Companies that understand and embrace diversity often have lower staff turnover, lower absenteeism and happier staff. Here are tips for creating a more inclusive recruitment process and tapping into a diverse pool of candidates.

Guide for Line Managers on Employing People With a Disability or Health Condition

By Disability Confident & CIPD
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
This guidance focuses on the role of the line manager in workplace adjustments, language and behaviour and sickness absence. It also provides guidance on recruiting, retaining and developing employees with a disability or health condition.


10 Ways to Remove Gender Bias from Job Descriptions

By Glassdoor | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
In job descriptions, words are your primary tool, and academic research has shown that many common words used in job descriptions have male or female associations. Simply put, the words you use in job descriptions could be repelling or attracting candidates based on their gender.

Employers Guide to Hiring Women in Technology

By Women in Tech | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Building profile and employer brand to the right communities, alongside tactical activity, will help position your company and help attract a more diverse tech workforce over the long term. Here are some tips.

Gender Decoder

Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Inspired by a research paper called 'Evidence That Gendered Wording in Job Advertisements Exists and Sustains Gender Inequality', this tool finds subtle bias in job adverts by searching for the appearance of any of gender-coded words.

Race & Ethnicity

Racial Bias in Hiring: How To Make Hiring More Equitable for Black Professionals

By Hive Learning | 8 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
In 2017, a study found that discrimination in recruitment against Black professionals hadn’t improved in 25 years. Eliminate as much bias as possible by re-evaluating your process using this checklist and create more equitable conditions for candidates and future employees.

Returners & Retrainers

Returners: A Toolkit for Employers

By Women's Business Council
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
This toolkit sets out the characteristics of a successful return-to-work programme, clear guidelines on how to attract and recruit candidates, how to support returners, and case studies.


Homelessness: Out of Sight but Not Out of Reach for Businesses

By Charlotte Gibb, BITC | 4 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
How to develop long-term partnerships with communities to support people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Cross-Industry Toolkit: Hiring

By Social Mobility Commission | 5 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Many common hiring practices create artificial barriers for people from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Ensure your practices are accessible and equitable to all applicants.

Social Mobility in the Workplace: Employer’s Guide

By The Sutton Trust
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Advice to improve social mobility in the workplace, aimed both at those taking their first steps to improve socioeconomic diversity in their workforce, as well as giving practical tips and guidance for those who are already further into the process.

How To Attract and Retain Diverse Talent and Improve Social Mobility

By Milkround | 8 mins
Submitted by Diverse Sussex
Research by Milkround has enabled us to both understand students’ attitudes and to pinpoint more about what employers could do to act on this research. Here they offer tips on how to improve social mobility and attract a diverse talent pool.